Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Weekend road trip

Now that I have the time and an awesome, adventurous mom, I can go on road trips to do things that I really enjoy. I have always wanted to visit other universities and see their basketball teams play on their home court and in their environment (as a spectator). Even though I no longer coach college basketball, it doesn't mean I don't still enjoy it. I definitely miss certain aspects of it, but not enough to get back in it.

Coach Barmore is now coaching with Kim Mulkey at Baylor (both are former coaches of mine) and I have been wanting to watch their team play and see their new facilities. So, we left Lance behind, loaded up the kids and took off to Waco. It was great to be in such an exciting environment and watching some brilliant coaches at work. It just so happened that they played Oklahoma State who is also coached by one of my former bosses, Kurt Budke. He has done a great job turning that program around. He has a great team, but Baylor handled them pretty well on their home court.

I was really impressed with:

1. the tailgaters before the game
2. Nice crowd (i would guess around 7,000)
3. Excellent facilities, including two practice facilities attached to the main gym. Players can get in there 24 hours a day using the 'hand scanner' security door entry.
4. Kim's balcony overlooking the practice gym
5. Two jumbo screens that show replays and even 1st half highlights during half time
6. Barmore and Kim's relationship during the game. I have always wondered how they would work together after the roles were reversed from the coaching days at Tech
7. How well behaved Kennedy was during the game (except for crying during the National Athem!! And we were sitting right behind the players bench!!). I can't say the same for Landon who had NO nap that day and had to sit still for a 7 pm, 2 hour basketball game! Yikes! Let's just say he had tons of candy and popcorn!

After the Baylor win, we stayed in Waco for the night and then headed to Fort Worth the next morning to attend a baby shower for my cousin. Then we were able to stay in Dallas with my brother before we headed back to Ruston. It was a fun filled weekend, but traveling with a two year old and a four month old can get tiresome!!

Here are some pictures from the weekend...

Oklahoma State Head Coach, Kurt Budke

Coach Barmore and his wife, Rachel

Landon and his cousin, MacKenzie

Landon loved jumping in the leaves!!


The Tylers said...

So impressed with your traveling!! Have a great week! Landry just woke up from a nap so I am off...

Hannah Lee said...

Katie-girl!Love that outfit little Kennedy is wearing ;) She looks so cute! I am glad you got to go on a fun roadtrip! Hope to see you Saturday.