Thursday, January 29, 2009

Poor Cardinals..

It's Super Bowl Sunday and it's a bitter sweet day knowing that there will be no more football for another 6 more months. I have to admit that I was pulling for the Cardinals since they were the underdog and what a great story they have been. The game was a great one to watch even though I felt like I didn't see much of the first half juggling two kiddos. We attended a small party and enjoyed ourselves.

I realized the other day that I had some pictures on my camera that I have yet to download and I wanted to share them. Several are from a rainy day that we had a couple of months ago and Landon had a ball splashing around in the puddles.

It was cold so I had to bundle Kennedy up pretty good. This outfit is a little too big and I thought it was hilarious!

This is Landon's biggest playmate, our neighbor's cat

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Hannah Lee said...

I love that raincoat and Kennedy in that bear/bunny outfit is precious! I was sad about the Cardinals too. Oh well...:)