Saturday, April 25, 2009

Need a break from Spring break!

Last weekend, we went to Shreveport for my youngest cousin's wedding. Matt Reger and Angi had been dating a while and we were all glad to help celebrate their wonderful occasion! We brought both kids to the ceremony and I was soooo nervous about how they would behave. But they were perfect!! Although, Kennedy started to babble for the first time and it just happen to be during the ceremony. What perfect timing! She has been 'talking' ever since! Here are some pics from the wedding...

Landon watching the girls dancing at the reception...not really sure if he wanted to. He finally did, but he wanted someone to hold him!

Landon with all of the girls...

Just had to throw this one in. It was on our way to the wedding!

Lance was able to attend, but then came on back to Ruston to play in a golf tournament. Me and the kids stayed with my parents for a long weekend since Spring break was the following week, which meant no mother's day out for Landon. Of course, Landon was in boy heaven hanging out at my parents house and I guess I was too since I had some helping hands. I know we would have stayed longer, but they kicked us out so they could go on a trip to Tennessee to a motorcycle race for my dad. Yep, he is racing again! I guess he is loving retirement!

We got back into Ruston on Tuesday and we have spent almost every waking hour outside enjoying this beautiful weather. We had several playdates and it has been wonderful watching Landon play and interact with other kids. Kennedy was just along for the ride and just loves watching and laughing at her big brother as he plays.

This weekend we are just hanging around the house and enjoying spending time with Lance before he heads off to Vegas on Sunday night. He will be gone until Thursday night. Lance's dad has a golf tournament with his Tech players there, so Lance is going to join in on the festivities. I would have gone too, but I am going on a girl's trip to the beach this Thursday and I CAN'T WAIT!! Good thing my mom is so awesome to come over and help with the kids while I am gone. It will be my first trip without Kennedy so it makes me a little sad to think about that. I am glad that she taking a bottle well, but I hope I am still able to continue to nurse her when I get back.

In other news, my brother Kip is coming home from Iraq in less than a month (yeppie!!!!) and Lance's sister and husband just bought a house in New Orleans! They are so excited (and nervous) about it. They won't be able to move in until June.

Here are some pictures from the past week...

My dad and Landon went for a little jog Monday morning

An Easter pic of Kennedy that I forgot to download from my camera!! ;)

Landon and our neighbor, Henry James cooling off with a popsicle

Henry and Landon playing in the sandbox

Playing at the First baptist gym with my friend Suzanne Tyler and her kids. I was so disappointed that my pictures of her kids didn't turn out! :(

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