Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Outer Space

Funny story....
Lance is in Las Vegas right now with his parents for the Tech Golf conference tournament and I was trying to explain to Landon where he was.

Landon: "Where'd my daddy go?"
Mommy: "He is in Las Vegas."
Landon: "Waas Begas?" With a confused look, "Where'd my daddy go?"
Mommy: "He is flying on an airplane to get to Las Vegas"
Landon: With a surprised look, "He's in outer space?"

So, all week Landon has been telling everyone that his daddy is in outer space!

One more cute story...
I was telling Landon at breakfast this morning that his KK (my mom) will be here tonight to see him:

Mommy: "KK is coming to see you today"
Landon: he got very excited. "KK coming here?"
Mommy: "yes! She will be here when you are getting ready for night night"
Landon: "I'm tired!"
Apparently he thinks he can go to bed right now and his KK will be here!


Hannah Lee said...

So cute! We had so much fun! Be careful on your trip and have a lot of fun!

The Tylers said...

Love it!!! Have a great beach trip!