Sunday, April 5, 2009

Party weekend!

If Landon could map out a weekend of 'things to do' in Ruston, he probably would have planned this weekend exactly how it was....

Let's start off with Friday evening when his Big Papa and Jana brought over pizza for dinner. Then his 'Miss Lindsey' came over to play with him (ok, babysat while his mommy and daddy went to a dinner party). They got to go outside and play in the sprinklers and water puddles. He could have stayed out there all night long! I am sure there was some kicking and screaming to come inside!

Saturday morning he went to Jackson Lee's birthday party at the 'gym'. Of course, his favorite thing was the 'jumpy' and who doesn't love cake?? He had such a blast playing with some of his buddies: Jake, Harper, Beau, and of course the man of the day, Jackson! I literally had to drag him out of there when we left.

Birthday boy, Jackson, and his buddy, Jake, looking at the fabulous John Deer cake!

Me, Hannah, and Suzanne at Jackson's birthday party

After a very brief nap (I think he just played in his room for a while when mommy and daddy thought he was sleeping), it was outside in the backyard hitting golf balls with daddy for 2 hours! I was taking a nap and woke up to find my boys outside and Landon still in his nice clothes from the birthday party. Oh well, we had to break them in sometime!
Then it was off to the park and play with his best buddy, Hayden Russell. It was a beautiful afternoon and everyone had the same idea. After playing in the sand, water, and playground, it was time to go home for dinner. Again, more kicking and screaming to leave the park.
Before bedtime, he got to play the 'big brown bear' game and got tucked in by his daddy. Whew long day for that boy meant an early bedtime! Here are some pics from playing at the park with Hayden:

Sunday we woke up ready for more action. We missed church because Landon and I decided to make pancakes for Lance and time slipped up on us and I knew there was no way I could get everyone ready in time. So, he got to play all morning with Lance, while I went to the grocery store. Here are some pics from making pancakes.

After his nap, we went to another birthday party at our neighbors house that afternoon. The weather was windy but beautiful. All of the kids enjoyed playing outside and wishing Myles a happy birthday. After the birthday party, his buddy, Hayden, came over to play and have dinner. This time, it was his buddy Hayden that was kicking and screaming to leave. Lance had been gone all afternoon doing a fantasy baseball draft, so when he came home, he wanted to play with Landon and put him down for the second night in a row.
Eating birthday cake

Riding on the train at Myles birthday party

Kennedy doing what she does!

Whew!! I am exhausted, but I might have enjoyed myself as much as Landon did!! And, of course, Kennedy was just along for the ride and has just started to laugh at her big brother as he plays in front of her.

And, did I mention that Friday afternoon we were in the doctors office to treat Landon with a double ear infection?????? Yep! And even one of them had a blister on his eardrum. Poor little man! It was the first time that he was able to tell me that his ear hurts. I was sooo excited he told me otherwise I never would have known to take him in!! I guess it never slowed him down!


Hannah Lee said...

Okay seriously I thought I had a busy weekend! You guys put me to shame! But it all sounded like so much fun! Thanks for coming and celebrating with us! Landon was precious! See you soon (maybe tom?)! :)

The Tylers said...

Glad y'all had a great weekend! Saturday was looking forward to the loooong weekend coming up! I will respond to your e-mail soon......I have been so tired at night:)! Cannot check my yahoo address from school!