Saturday, December 26, 2009

2nd Annual Christmas Craft playdate

I hosted a Christmas Craft playdate last year and went over so well that I thought I would do it again this year. The key was keeping the numbers low with this age group when dealing with crafts. I really don't know how the preschool teachers do it!!

I had two of my good buddies, Mandy and Suzanne, come over and have a playdate at our house. The weather was absolutely perfect. Last year was really cold, but it couldn't have been better this time around. We attempted to do some beaded candy canes, but it didn't go over as well as the Apple Snowman. This group really wanted to play so we spent most of the time doing that!

Mandy showing off her talent!
Suzanne and Jake putting some final touches on their snowman
Kennedy wanting to get in on the action
the motorcycle was a big hit and also caused a few tears!! No one wanted to share!

I thought this one was hilarious. Landon and Landry putting their 'antlers' on and getting Jake

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