Monday, December 21, 2009

Parties, parties, and more parties

This weekend was filled with some birthday parties and cookie exchanges. I know that once the holidays are over, Landon is going to think life is boring!! He is having a blast attending all of these parties and eating plenty of junk food.

Friday night, our buddy, Henry, had his birthday party out at Papa Simpson's farm and I just love it out there, especially during Christmas. It made me miss the Russell family who we went with last Christmas!! Landon enjoyed seeing Santa and obsessed with watching him leave. He followed him all the way out and was determined to 'see' his reindeer. Thank goodness I was able to tell him that he was riding the horse next otherwise I would have never gotten him away from chasing him any further.

The next morning, we enjoyed attending Cullen Clark's birthday party at Temple Baptist. I just absolutely love those laid back "gym" birthday simple! It won't be much longer when they will need much more entertainment!

Preston enjoying the birthday festivities

Sunday, we went to church and then I was able to break away to Monroe for some last minute Christmas shopping. This is also the day that Kennedy really started to take a lot of steps. She still prefers to crawl but the light came on this day.

Hanging out before heading to church

Monday, we had a last minute morning playdate at our house with the Beck's. It was a great change of pace and not having to load up and pack diaper bags to go somewhere. Then I was able to take Landon to a cookie exchange party that afternoon at Hayden McCluskey's house. Between the jumpy, playing football, decorating gingerbread houses and eating smore's, Landon was exhausted!! We got home, played a little more outside, and then decided to settle in to get dinner ready. As I was doing that, Landon crashed on the couch at 5:45. I had no idea how long he was asleep before I realized how quiet it was in the playroom. I decided to go ahead and take him upstairs to bed and let some cookies he ate earlier be his dinner. Since his usual bedtime is between 8-10 pm (depending on naps), I am curious on how tonight goes. So far he has woken up twice but back to sleep rather quickly.

I hope he gets some sleep because we have our 2nd annual Christmas craft playdate at our house in the morning! He gets to invite two friends over to play and make some crafts together. Looking forward to that!!

Playing football with the older boys (landon on the right trying to big a big boy)!
Landon decorating the HUGE gingerbread house with his buddy, Cooper, at the cookie exchange.

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