Saturday, December 19, 2009

fa la la la la....

I really should blog more because my kiddos are hilarious! It's just trying to find the time!! Lately, Landon has been difficult at night time and it's new to us because he has always been pretty easy. He has decided that he dislikes being in his room by himself, saying "it's too hard to go to sleep!" I knew it was only time before he gets this way. He is starting to drop his nap and on the days that he goes to school (they still take naps there), his bedtime has been really late because he isn't tired. And that makes long nights for us with no "me" time. But even when he doesn't take a nap and I KNOW he is exhausted, he STILL fights it. Ugh! So, if any of you moms have any suggestions, I am always open to hear them!!

Anyway, I am LOVING the holiday season thus far!!! LOVE getting Christmas cards, having the house decorated, going to parties, and yep, even wrapping presents. I have actually started a 'present' game that I do with Landon trying to get him to practice giving gifts and saying thank you after each one he opens. We both get a gift bag, search the house to put anything in it, meet back in the playroom and say, "Here mommy, I got this special present for you." and vice versa. It can be anything from a toy to a remote control. The only thing is he wants to show it to me so bad that he opens it up himself! It's been fun and even Kennedy gets a present to open for fun too!! It's sweet to watch landon give it to her and hug her and say, "Merry Christmas, 'Tenneny'!"

Well, we have been able to enjoy meeting Santa a couple of times. Here are some pictures from Lance's work when they had Christmas Open house. Kennedy is absolutely terrified of Santa which doesn't surprise me.

STill not too sure, even in my lap and 30 minutes later
Just give her a present and she's happy!
Here are the kids at Breakfast with Santa at Squire creek. I can't wait to see how the pictures with Santa turn out!

And here is a shot of Kennedy at the Christmas parade. She REALLY loved it! She kept waving at everyone and i really think she enjoyed having her daddy hold her the entire time!!

Landon and his buddy Jake loving the motorcycles

We were able to take Lance's parents to a Cowboy's game as their Christmas present and we got to see my brother and Aunt Jennifer there as well. Great day, but too bad the cowboys lost! :(

This weekend was a birthday party weekend and i have pictures that i need to download. I am sure i will find sometime to get that done.

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