Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter school party

This past Wednesday, Landon's class at Temple's Mother's Day out had their Easter party and I brought Kennedy with me to enjoy Landon's festivities (she only goes 2 days a week). Thank goodness his class had their's one day earlier because it was nicer weather and both kids missed the next day with snotty noses. Poor Kennedy missed her party that day, but at least she got to join in on the fun with Landon's class. It didn't take long for her to catch on.

L with his teach Mrs. Sarah, who he loves!!

L showing is sister all the eggs he found

His teacher had each child wear a tag with which egg they were supposed to look for. Landon's eggs were the basketball ones (sooo appropriate!!). I thought that was a super idea and went great!! They each had the same amount and no one fussed!

Kennedy joining in on the fun

As of today, we are now proud, part-owners of a beach condo in Orange Beach, AL. I have to admit, we are pretty excited about it!! We closed today on it and there's a really good chance that I might get to take the kids this Sunday!! I am interested in seeing how they will enjoy it!! It will be challenging to drive 8 hours down with just me in the car (lance will be working) and two little ones. I will keep you posted!!! ;)

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Kat @ measuring my life in l-o-v-e said...

Adorable pics of Landon & Kennedy, Katie! And congrats on the beach condo!!! I'm sure the kids will have a blast! :o)