Monday, March 1, 2010

Fast and Furious February

It's hard to believe that February has come and gone so quickly!!! Wow! We had a winter blast that came through and brought us about 5 inches snow for about 20 hours. We took advantage as much as we could. Landon loved it and Kennedy just wanted to eat it! She didn't care for walking in it which might have had to due with putting Landon's old boots on for the first time. Since we hardly get any snow, it's safe to say that we don't have ANY snow clothes which made several trips inside for some warming up and hot coco!

Kennedy taking her first taste of snow
Our first snowman!! Landon named it "Ava" (after a friend in class)

After naps, the snow started to melt and so did our snowman... :( Notice that our grape 'eyes' and carrot 'nose' have mysteriously disappeared!!

Other events that took place in February were several basketball games in Ruston and we also took a quick road trip to Waco to watch Baylor play Texas Tech. Both teams had former coaches that I adore and it was great to see all of them on one night. I especially enjoyed visiting with a good friend of mine, Brooke Stoehr, who is expecting her first baby. I know it's hard to believe, but in this picture, she only has 3.5 weeks left!!

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