Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cooking lesson

Tonight was a very unique night for me and Lance. His birthday is this week and he is very difficult to buy for. So, i decided to do something a little different. I brought in our local Pampered Chef consultant to give us a cooking lesson and it was an absolute blast!! I surprised Lance with it and I was a little nervous about how he would take it. He rolled with it and had such a great time! It helped that Tish was such a great person to help us in the kitchen and give us great pointers too.

I thought about making it a 'romantic' or 'gourmet' dinner, but I went practical instead, getting some reciepes the entire family can enjoy. I was also able to pound her with questions to get great ideas for meals. With lots of laughs, food and fun, I highly recommend doing that at some point with your spouse! It was also very nice to have it done in our own kitchen.

I also can't post this blog today without mentioning this crazy we are having. Yesterday, we were in short and enjoying some warm Spring weather, while today we have been outside because it's been snowing all day!!! It's nuts! And tomorrow is a high of 65 and the next day will be 74 degrees!

In other news, my camera has been shipped off to be repaired (i dropped it last month) and i am short on pictures here lately. I have decided to post some pics from last month instead!! I forgot to post that Kennedy had her first haircut!! Although, I really wouldn't consider it being a real haircut, just a small trim to shape around her face. In fact, Lance couldn't even tell she got it cut!



making cupcakes with Landon for KK's birthday

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The Tylers said...

You are soooo creative!!! I love it and I love the pictures! See you soon.