Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fun filled weekend

I am a few days late on this post, but it's better than what I have been doing! On Friday, we visited Lance's work for their Open House and to see Santa. I was worried on how Kennedy would do with seeing him up close and personal. But she did great! Jumped on his lap with no hesitation and kept giving him hugs. I think it helped when Landon kept talking about how nice he was and that he isn't scary.

What??? a family shot with both kids looking?? yay!
Kennedy giving Santa another hug
Kennedy playing ring around the rosie with Preston and Emory

Later that evening we attended the christmas parade and it was great!! I was so glad that it wasn't too cold like it had been the past two years. The kids had a ball and it was fun enjoying it with other close friends of ours and their kids. I have to say that we have some kids that are candy snobs!! If you could have seen the candy that was left on the ground and seen the kids just pass over the candy they don't like. In fact, I witnessed Landon taking candy from a guy handing it to him through his car window, Landon looked at it and dropped it on the ground right in front of the guy. I was quite embarrassed, but laughed so hard at the same time!! Thankfully so did the guy!
The boys checking out the cool motorcycles

The next morning, we attended the annual breakfast with Santa at Squire Creek. We are so lucky to have this at our country club to help build our family traditions. This year was sooo much easier than last year. It helped that we beat the crowd waiting to take pictures and the kids actually sat still at the table and behaved!! I see the light at the end of the table!!!!

Oh how i wish I had gotten more pics of K in this adorable dress!! We borrowed it from my dear friend, Suzanne, and it was precious!
Looks like such a big boy in this picture (sniff)

After breakfast, we went home to change clothes to go to a birthday party at Papa Simpson's farm. It was for Cullen clark and Alex hunt's 3rd birthday party. My kids loved it!! I was glad that Kennedy got to go finally. It was a little windy/chilly, but we didn't get rained on thank goodness. We are so lucky to have such great friends to celebrate these special memories!

K's first pony ride

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