Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sweet Memaw

Early, early this morning we received a phone call. The call was to tell us the news about Lance's grandmother who had had a heart attack and wasn't expected to live. Lance showered up and headed to the Ruston hospital where she was in ICU. This was his dad's mother who was 99 and lived in a nursing home in Arcadia, just down the interstate. But, I have never seen a more active 99 year old and who made the most precious porcelain dolls!

Lance's parents were actually in New Orleans visiting with Lance's sister, Leslea. But they quickly came back home to be with her. She passed this afternoon. It was a blessing that she didn't suffer long and Dr. Hall was able to see her. She lived a full life, and according to her, she lived two lifetimes!

Please keep Lance's dad in your prayers. He knew her days were numbered, but it still never prepares you to lose your mother.

On a lighter note, Landon sang at our church tonight for the 3-4 yr old choir. They were too cute! The crazy thing was, Landon had his thumb in his mouth the entire time, yet still singing. He has never sucked his thumb a day in his life so i asked him what was that all about when it was over. He said, "I wanted to be baby Landon just like baby Jesus." Geez, of all times to pretend to be a baby! Although, lately, he has been pretending he is baby Clark Kent from a book we got from the library. Who knows! ;)

Landon and his buddy, Canon, before getting on stage

And this is a picture of a family that I have enjoyed getting to know. Jonathon is in Landon's class so they are big buds. And I have gotten to know his mom, Shanna, from MDO and church. Her husband is our new Music director for the Gathering and he is so talented. They are such sweet people and I am glad they have moved to Ruston! She needed help with a family picture for a christmas card and I was glad to help.

This week has been busy with bunko, date night with lance and the weekend will be just as filled. Tomorrow night we have a couple's game night we are going to, which I can't wait!! Then Friday we have the annual McClusky cookie exchange party put on by one of my friends, Sharla. And this girl can throw a party!! Friday night is our Sunday school party. I love the Holiday season!!!!

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