Saturday, March 10, 2012

Beary Night

Last night Lance and Kennedy went to the "Beary" father/daughter banquet at church and Kennedy was so excited. She got to pick out whatever she wanted to wear and she was on cloud nine. Before leaving, she said her daddy was so handsome and I thought Lance was going to melt! it was too cute.

While they were out, Landon and I got to go an impromptu date. I really wanted to take him to the HS basketball championship games, but I let him pick. Of course his choice was to go eat inside Fox's pizza and then get a treat at Eskimo Joes! Which I didn't mind at all!

Then it was back home to pack for our beach trip in the morning. i am hoping to leave right after Landon's soccer game which is at 11am. I am hoping it will rain it out, but it's not looking like it! Lance will stay home but will plan on coming down wednesday night. The kids and i will have to leave on thursday since lance has CTB guys coming in for a strategic meeting taking place down there. I hope the weather is nice!

This week was busy while i prepared for a coaching clinic I helped with in conjunction with the HS championships that were in town. Coach Barmore spoke to the group of coaches Friday morning and i was a nervous wreck for getting him involved with something that i really didn't have control over and had no idea what to expect. Of course he was amazing and it brought so many memories of playing and coaching for him. Such an amazing teacher and motivator of the game and it's a shame that he is no longer coaching. He enjoyed himself (i hope) and it went smooth (for the most part). ;)

This week, Landon got accepted into A E Phillips lab school on Tech's campus. We were pretty excited about the news and looking forward to seeing who will be his classmates will be next fall. It's hard to believe that I will be sending him off to kindergarten next year! Kennedy will attend Temple's 4 year preK program and will hopefully have Teresa Mann as her teacher. Landon had her this past year and she is 'oh so fabulous!'

I captured Landon on video saying the Lord's prayer...thought it was cute!

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