Monday, February 9, 2009

Oklahoma whirlwind

My mom and I went on another adventure this past week. We left for Oklahoma City last Wednesday and got back this past Saturday. You know us, we love a good adventure! We drove all day on Wednesday and the kids did great. The only bad stretch was the last 20 minutes getting into OKC. Kennedy was hungry and Landon was getting super tired. For some reason, he never took a nap in the car which I was really surprised about. I think he was enjoying his new movies that I brought for the trip.

Thursday morning, we went to a mall to have a playdate with a friend of mine, Lacey, and her little girl, Emercyn, who is the same age as Landon. They were so cute together and loved playing on all the toys. Landon had so much energy and I was glad that he was able to burn it all off and take a good long nap in the hotel.

My friend Lacey and her daughter, Emercyn

I didn't get a picture of it, but Landon loved jumping off of this!! Here he is sliding down it

After the nap, we headed out to Stillwater to watch Oklahoma State play Texas. It was really good to see Coach Budke and his staff. We were able to tour his facilities and hang out with his family some.

Friday morning, we went to the OKC zoo and Landon had a blast!! Of all of the animals he saw, I have to say that he loved the turtles the most!! I was shocked about it, but I think it was from his latest obsession, the Wonder Pets show.

laughing at the monkeys
On top of the gorilla and bear statues

Oh, and his favorite part...the turtles!!

After a long morning at the zoo, we headed to Lawton, OK to see an old friend of mine, Stacey Johnson-Klein, and her family. We used to work together at Tech and it was so wonderful to see her again and catch up. Her family was precious and we had so much fun staying at her house and watching our kids play together.

Landon with Stacey's boys, Tristan and Braxtan

Then, Saturday, was back on the road again to head home. At our halfway point, we were able to stop in Denton to see my crazy Aunt Jennifer. It's always great to catch up with her.


Amy Mccathran said...

What a fun trip...isn't the OKC zoo fun? You made me homesick :) Hope you guys are having a great week!

Halls said...

Amy- i thought about you and we talked about your family being there!! We loved it!!