Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ahhh, the little things

I just had to share my excitement about something that most moms take for granted. I nursed Landon until he was 13 months, but I had only planned on nursing him until about 6 months. As much as I loved it, I needed some breaks. Well, Landon stopped taking a bottle (rather, I quit offering it to him) after 3 months of age. I bought every bottle there is possible and he refused ALL of them!! I finally just accepted that he never would take one and skipped right to the sippy cup.

Well, Lance and I have some events this week and we are going to have babysitters coming to help out with the kids at night time. So, I thought I would try to give Kennedy a bottle. She loved it!!! Never skipped a beat and wanted more. I have never seen a more beautiful site..... ;) And those of you who knew my frustration with Landon will be so glad!!!

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perfect just like mommy said...

So glad K is taking a bottle! My daughter also refused a bottle when I went back to work, and what helped was my MIL (who was watching her) draped the shirt I had worn the day before over her chest, and that helped a lot. Just a little tip in case it happens.