Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy 5 months to Kennedy!

Kennedy is 5 months old today and it has been a wonderful day!!! Besides from the cold that she woke up with this morning, I can't complain. It's been just the two of us today and I am loving it!

Yesterday after church, I met my dad in Minden to have lunch and leave Landon with him. They haven't had them stay at their house in a while and they wanted him for the night. I just LOVE my parents and I am so blessed that Landon has such wonderful grandparents.

So, with the wildman gone, I have been able to catch up on sleep and do my taxes!

Happy 5 months, Kennedy! Oh, by the way, she rolled over today while I was trying to take her picture!! I will have to put her back in that position to see if she will do it again!

Ok, here she is rolling over!


Shelley (Cole) Parker said...

Happy 5 month birthday, Kennedy! Congrats on rolling over :)

Lisa Liner said...

Finally got to catch up on your blog news...Loved the videos too!

Aunt Lisa