Monday, March 7, 2011

Conference Champs

With Lance living it up in Palm Springs, playing golf all week and through the weekend, I decided to take a little trip myself. My mom and I took the kids to Lake Charles Friday and Saturday to watch one of my best friends coach her final home game at McNeese. I was so proud watching her take first place in their league with their big win over Lamar. They will be the number 1 seed in their conference tournament this upcoming week. It was a long weekend for the kids, but they got to swim at Brooks' house and also play at the jumpy during her game. If McNeese wins their conference tournament, they might get the chance to play in Shreveport the first two rounds of the NCAA!! Crossing my fingers!

Brooks is on the right with the trophy. The other guy is the mens was a double header game and they won as well. First time in their conference that both men and women won the regular season title

Also, I just found out that she got Coach of the Year in their conference! Go Brooks!!

After the late night arrival to our house on Saturday night, it was safe to say that the kids were exhausted. They slept until 8:30 on Sunday which is very unusual for Kennedy. We still managed to get to sunday school at 10 and then we went to a birthday party at 2:30. Both kids were tired again that evening and were asleep by 7:00.

Landon told me that his stomach hurt right before he went to bed and I found it odd how fast he feel asleep too. Two hours later he woke up throwing up and having to go to the bathroom. It was a long night for him and not the best welcome-home-lance party when he arrived at 11:00pm last night.

Today he has been great so it looks like he is over it. This morning while doing a ton of laundry and cleaning up the stains from last night, I found Kennedy downstairs in the playroom with a bottle of baby powder. I couldn't even be mad!! I just laughed and grabbed my camera. Now, later I got a little mad, after I cleaned it up, when I discovered she had poured it in every drawer in the play room. Oh well!! I needed a good excuse to weed out some of their toys anyway!!


The Tylers said...

That is the cutest picture if Kennedy! I can only imagine the mess!! Hope Landon is still feeling well. Poor guy!

Mama Mandy said...

OMG! How funny...well, because it wasn't my house and my kid. I'd probably laugh too!