Tuesday, March 1, 2011

These past two weeks have been a blur, but so much fun! We have been enjoying some wonderful weather and I think that just puts everyone in a great mood!

Landon has started playing soccer and he has really enjoyed it. He gets frustrated sometimes that he is not the fastest on the field and I have to keep telling him that he is one of the youngest ones and that he will catch up soon (I hope!). If only his team can learn about the boundries on field, we could spend more time playing instead of chasing the ball down into the woods!
The Hall kids and Tyler kids before their first game

On Feb 19th, we celebrated my mom's 60th birthday by throwing her a barnyard party. It was a blast for all ages. The kids loved dancing, playing on the jumpy and looking at the longhorn cows. By the end of the night, they were worn out!! Landon and Kennedy were sooo excited about seeing their cousins that they haven't seen in several months. They also enjoyed seeing some of their close friends, jake and landry grace, who came in from Ruston for the party. This sounds like a kid's birthday party, but a great time was had by all the adults as well! ;) My dad and my aunts did a fantastic job of planning everything from the square dancing, bon fire, bar-b-que, and a DJ for music.

All the cousins dancing
Me and my sweet mama! I wish you could see her new boots! Too bad we can't wear the same size shoe!! They were so cute!

Landon and the birthday girl!

The following weekend was filled with basketball!! I am on the NCAA committee that is hosting the 1st two rounds of the women's tournament in Bossier City. We have been promoting this tournament and this past weekend was the kick of these promotions. We held a free clinic for the kids in the Shreveport/Bossier area at BPCC. Following the clinic, we had an all-star game that consisted of former high school standout girls basketball players (from shreveport area) that went on to play college basketball somewhere. I had a blast tracking down these players to play and I was so grateful for some of my former high school and college teammates to participate. It went perfect!!! No one got hurt and everyone had a blast! My biggest concern was having a few kids at the clinic and no one showing up to watch the game. Well, having around 50 kids come to the clinic exceeded my expectations and I was glad when the kids stayed for the game as well.

Players that played in the game

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