Sunday, March 27, 2011

March Madness

I love sitting on the edge of my couch watching the end of exciting basketball games and March Madness always brings the best basketball out of each team that participates! Emotions are flying high and the sheer joy of victory of an underdog team brings chill bumps to my skin every time! And I am not afraid to say that even the tears from the seniors of the losing teams will spring tears to my eyes as I share their pain of knowing they will never play college ball again.

Last weekend, I was able to volunteer my time to help with the NCAA 1st and 2nd round games in Shreveport. The four teams that participated were Rutgers, Texas A&M, McNeese, and my Lady Techsters. I was more than thrilled when i saw the brackets come out with each of these teams since I have a personal relationship with each coaching staff. I was looking forward to reconnecting with them and to cheer on my alma mater of Louisiana Tech, who was considered the host school. And how exciting it was to witness history as my best friend at McNeese takes her team to their first ever NCAA game.

It was fun bouncing around town to greet each team as they arrive into town on Friday. I got people involved that weren't afraid to be loud and sometimes obnoxious to make the teams feel welcomed. I think my mom was an instant hit with each team! The games were on Sunday and Tuesday and I was glad that my sweet hubby was able to watch the kids these days so I could work them. The better team, Texas A&M, walked away with two victories to move onto the next round. I was proud of the crowd that showed up to support the event!

One of my other favorite things about March is leaving the long, cold winter behind and welcoming the beautiful blooms of Spring. I love it! And the kids have enjoyed spending lots of time outside. We have started the park circuit already and it's been wonderful. Here are some pictures of a recent playdate this past Friday that was perfect. The kids got along so well!

And every year, I try to catch the peach trees in bloom to take some pictures of the kids. I almost missed it this year but we were able to find a few trees that still had blooms left. Now, if I could only figure out how to get the kids to look at the camera and actually smile!

Happy Spring!!

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Hannah Lee said...

Beautiful pictures! I miss those peach trees :(