Thursday, March 10, 2011

Today's lesson: Don't get cocky

So, I was telling my friend, Shelley, at the park yesterday that no one else got what Landon had on Sunday night. I said that i just knew that we were going to dodge a bullet. Maybe it was me just trying to spread some positive thinking around our household to kill off the stomach bug(along with tons of clorox!). Wednesday rolls around and I just get down-right cocky. I even start planning a last minute trip to the condo for the weekend. Well, well, well.... poor Kennedy....

I dropped her off at school and her teacher calls me about 45 minutes later to let me know that she just isn't herself and doesn't seem to feel good and probably should come get her. She was refusing food (at home too, but this isn't unusual) and her teacher knew it was bad when she didn't even want a chocolate chip cookie. I go to pick her up and I can tell she doesn't feel well. And at this point, i STILL don't think it's the stomach bug (cocky, cocky, cocky).

well, I get halfway home and I hear the dreaded gurgle sound from behind me. Yep! Throw up all in my car. I am hoping she can sleep it off this afternoon! I am still going to stay positive, but will definitely stay humble!!!! Please pray that she gets well and that no one else gets it!!!


The Tylers said...

I am soo soo soo sorry!! Praying for a quick recovery. Let me know if I can do anything.

Shelley (Cole) Parker said...

Oh NO! I am so sorry to hear poor K got it too! It has been one BAD year for the stomach bug in Ruston, and I hope it is about to be gone for GOOD! I'm right down the road too if you need me :)