Monday, March 14, 2011

Look! A pattern!

Since before christmas, Landon has been into noticing patterns and making some of his own (with shapes and colors) around the house. But this particular pattern is one he will not notice. Last Sunday night, Landon was hit with the stomach bug. Then Thursday, Kennedy was down for a day with it. And guess who got it last night (Sunday)? yep, yours truly! I guess according to the pattern of this stomach bug, Lance is due to be hit with it on Thursday, right in the middle of a big presentation. So, here is to Lance breaking up this vicious pattern!!

This time last year, we were all hit with the stomach bug and I remember it very vividly because Lance and I still talk about it! He was laid up in the bed during my favorite weekend of basketball on tv and I was soooo jealous!! Yep! that's right, jealous of poop and vomit! He got to watch three days worth of ball while I barely caught any of the games while taking care of the kids. And then i get the bug just in time the games take a break in midweek and I get nothing! Then I took back everything I said to him after going through what he went through!! Miserable!

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The Tylers said...

Here's to lance breaking the streak.....!!!!!